My family- The Griswolds



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I am a registered dietitian, ex-marathon runner, eating disorder survivor, wife and mother living in the metro Atlanta area. I enjoy helping others learn to improve their health through nutrition and finding balance with family, work and an active lifestyle. I love cool fall mornings, anything with peanut butter and chocolate, deep conversations with my girlfriends, dates with my hubby, and being a mama to my sweet two year old daughter. I firmly believe that Jesus, grace, pumpkin spice coffee and a glass of wine a day leads to life happiness.




imageI met Nick at the end of our freshman year at Purdue, in June 2006. I told myself on our first date that I couldn’t fall in love with him because I didn’t want to marry someone whose last name was Griswold. Nick has shown me what unconditional love really is, and loves me for who I am. He’s smart, funny, a genius at managing finances (I have never been able to save a penny in my life), great at maintaining cars (I never really got how to check my oil) and always knew exactly what I needed (he bought me a space heater and jar of pickles our first Valentine’s Day- perfect!). I couldn’t resist him! He proposed at the end of our senior year in 2009, and because of my internship we didn’t set our wedding date until August 6th, 2011. We started our lives together in Phoenix, AZ where he worked for US Airways as a yield analyst and I started my job in the corporate health world. In 2012 he got a call from the FAA and was told he had a spot available for him at the Atlanta air traffic control center (a job he had applied for right after graduation, but any government job is an endless waiting game) so we packed up and moved cross country to Georgia. He has been my rock through the ups and downs and he has always helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are complete opposites, and its perfect.


Our crazy and bubbly, overly-active 2 year old is the greatest little human God could ever bless us with. She is sweet with just the right amount of sass, silly most of the time but serious when she meets new people, and probably the only kid on the planet who will eat literally anything you place in front of her. No food is too green or weird for this kid. She was an “oops” baby that has made us realize that when God is in control, amazing things happen. She has made me a better person and has softened my heart. She is definitely my mini-me, and to an extent that scares me but I also know she was born ready to take on the world.

Our pets 

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We rescued our dog (Lexi) and cat (Alli) just about a month after we moved to Georgia. We love these two furbabies!